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# About This rather small scripts written in [Perl]( provide useful function for file management for photographers. # Prerequisites - Perl 5.30 (or newer) - Exiftool ## required perl modules The following perl modules are required for running the scripts. - Cwd - File::Basename - File::Copy - File::Find::Rule - File::Find - File::Spec::Functions # usage All scripts are commandline / shell tools which should run on *n*x and Windows when the prerequistes are met. To run a script, open a shell and invoke `perl`, on most systems it should be sufficient to just invoke ``. For information about parameters and usage call ` --help` # generic scripts ## jpeg divider Filename: `` Moves all jpeg files (suffixes .jpg and .jpeg) in a folder to the subfolder JPEG. # Silkypix helper scripts Helper scripts to manage the sidecar data files created by [Silkypix Developer Studio]( ## orphaned sidecar cleaner Filename: `` Deletes all sidecar files in the given directory or alternatively in the current working directory when the associated raw file is missing. ## multiversion sidecar cleaner Filename: `` Deletes Silkypix Sidecar files when newer versions of the files are available. This usually happens when a file is opened in a newer version of Silkypix, as the sidecar files are version specific.