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# RawFileWizard RawFileWizard is a small Windows utility to work with Digital Image RAW Files (CR2, RW2, PEF, DNG, whateveryoulike) when working with a raw converter which uses [sidecar-files]( like Silkypix Developer Studio. You can adjust the main configurations to your needs by using a small config dialog. ## prerequisites the tool asumes that your raw converter uses a folder structure of the following kind base folder |_ raw file |_ JPEG folder |_ JPEG file 1 |_ JPEG file 2 |_ sidecar folder |_ sidecar file 1 |_ sidecar file 2 on a real world scenario, this might look like this: MyPictures |_ IMG0001.DNG |_ JPEG |_ IMG0001.JPG |_ IMG0001_colorkey.JPG |_ SILKYPIX_DS |_ IMG0001.spd ## features - move files (raw, jpeg, sidecar) to selected destination folder - delete files (raw, jpeg, sidecar) - create a destination folder within tool - destination folder history for easier selection ## supported languages - english - german # JpegDivider JpegDivider helps you split your jpeg files from raw files to create the folder structure mentioned above. JpegDivider is currently only available in english. ## usage Run the program from the commandline or by using the folder shell menu (right-click on a folder) when the program is registered (see [parameters](#parameters)). All jpeg files (Extensions jpg and jpeg) in the folder the program is executed on are moved to a defined subfolder in the same directory. You can set the desired subfolder name by parameter or save a custom value to be used on every program use (see [parameters](#parameters)). ## parameters Parameters are listed when the program is called with `jpegdivider.exe help`. ``` jpegdivider.exe - move jpegs from current working dir to subfolder jpgedivider.exe <path_to_folder> - move jpegs from specified folder to subfolder jpegdivider.exe setfolder <folder_name> - set a custom folder name, default is JPEG jpegdivider.exe register - register the program to folder context menu, run JpegDivider on a selected folder from Windows Explorer jpegdivider.exe deregister - remove the programm from folder context menu jpgedivider.exe help - show this help ```