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SIMPLE VAULT - PASSWORD MANAGER SimpleVault is a web-based tool that allows you to manage passwords or other secret information in a safe way. All secret information is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms. SimpleVault is particularly useful if you want to share secret information within a working group with trusted members. The website of this Project can be found here: This project is kindly hosted by The entire project is available under the terms of the Gnu Public License. INSTALLATION Prerequisites are: PHP4 or PHP5 with the mcrypt library. Download and unpack the SimpleVault package to the directory <install-dir>. By default, <install-dir>/vault/simplevault.txt is used as the vault file where all encrypted and unencrypted data is stored. This file should be readable and writeable by the web server. A different vault file can be configured in index.php in the variables $vaultdir and $vaultfile. That's it. Go to <your-host>/<install-dir>/index.php and start creating entries. In the default installation, the vault file contains 2 categories and 4 entries for demonstration purposes. All entries are encrypted with the pass phrase 'toto'. You can delete the entries interactively, or by emptying the vault file. (c) Rolf Brugger, Oct 2007,