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# ![ulogger_logo_small](μlogger   [![Build Status](]( This is a web application for real-time collection of geolocation data, tracks viewing and management. Together with a dedicated [μlogger mobile client]( it may be used as a complete self hosted server–client solution for logging and monitoring users' geolocation. ## Live demo: - (test track upload with Android app and editing, login: demo, password: demo) ## Requirements: - PHP 7.0 or newer - PHP extensions: ctype, json, pdo (with respective drivers), session, simplexml, xmlwriter, xdebug (only for tests) - MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite (over PDO driver) - browser with javascript enabled, cookies for authentication and saving preferences ## Features: - simple - allows live tracking - track statistics - altitudes graph - multiple users - user authentication - Google Maps - OpenLayers (OpenStreet and other layers) - ajax - user preferences stored in cookies - simple admin menu - export tracks to gpx and kml - import tracks from gpx ## Install - Download zipped archive or clone the repository on your computer - Move it to your web server directory (unzip if needed) - Create database and database user (at least SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE privileges, CREATE, DROP for setup script, SEQUENCES for postgreSQL) - Create a copy of `config.default.php` and rename it to `config.php`. Customize it and add database credentials - Edit `scripts/setup.php` script, enable it by setting [$enabled]( value to `true` - Make sure you have a web server running with PHP and chosen database - Open http://YOUR_HOST/ulogger-server/scripts/setup.php page in your browser - Follow instructions in setup script. It will add database tables and set up your μlogger user - **Remember to remove or disable `scripts/setup.php` script** - Log in with your new user on http://YOUR_HOST/ulogger-server/ - You may also want to set your new user as an [admin in config file]( - Folders `.docker/` and `.tests/` as well as composer files are needed only for development. May be safely removed. ## Docker - Run `docker run --name ulogger -p 8080:80 -d bfabiszewski/ulogger` and access `http://localhost:8080` in your browser. Log in with `admin`:`admin` credentials and change default password. - Optional configuration options with ENV variables, for list see [Dockerfile]( The variables correspond to main μlogger configuration parameteres. - For example: `docker run --name ulogger -e ULOGGER_LANG="pl" -p 8080:80 -d bfabiszewski/ulogger`. - You may also build the image yourself. Run `docker build .` from the root folder where `Dockerfile` reside. There are optional build-time arguments that allow you to set default database passwords for root and ulogger users. - For example: `docker build --build-arg DB_ROOT_PASS=secret1 --build-arg DB_USER_PASS=secret2 --build-arg DB_DRIVER=sqlite .`. ## Tests - Install tests dependecies. - `composer install` - Integration tests may be run against docker image. We need exposed http and optionally database ports (eg. mapped to localhost 8080 and 8081). Below example for MySQL setup. - `docker build -t ulogger .` - `docker run -d --name ulogger -p 8080:80 -p 8081:3306 --expose 3306 -e ULOGGER_ENABLE_SETUP=1 ulogger` - Use environment variables (or create `.env` file in `.tests/` folder) to set up connection details (below database credentials are docker defaults) - `DB_DSN="mysql:host=;port=8081;dbname=ulogger;charset=utf8"` - `DB_USER=ulogger` - `DB_PASS=secret2` - `ULOGGER_URL=""` - Run tests - `./vendor/bin/phpunit -c .tests/phpunit.xml` ## Todo - improve track editing - track display filters (accurracy, provider) - improve interface on mobile devices ## Translations - translations may be contributed via [Transifex]( ## Donate [![Donate paypal](]( ![Donate bitcoin]( `bc1qt3uwhze9x8tj6v73c587gprhufg9uur0rzxhvh` ![Donate ethereum]( `0x100C31C781C8124661413ed6d1AA9B1e2328fFA2` ## License - GPL - most icons come from [iconmonstr](